(Director of Curriculum & Instruction)



  1. Master's Degree from accredited college or university;
  2. New Jersey Certificate - Principal or Supervisor;
  3. A minimum of five years teaching experience or equivalent;
  4. A minimum of two years administrative experience;
  5. Demonstrated ability to work effectively in the supervision of programs and staff and curriculum development;
  6. Strong leadership and communication skills;
  7. Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status.


REPORTS TO:  Superintendent of Schools


JOB GOAL:  To assist the Superintendent by providing leadership to the professional staff and to plan, implement, articulate, and evaluate all instructional programs.





  1. Assist the Superintendent in supervising the District's instructional programs and curriculum.
  2. Assist with the preparation and administration of the instructional accounts of the local school and ESEA (Titles I, II, and IV) budgets.
  3. Develop and implement the sections of the budget that pertain to curriculum and instruction.
  4. Seek alternative funding sources, including competitive grants.
  5. Work with principals, instructional supervisors, department chairs, and teachers in developing the total school curriculum, and assists in the formulation of a philosophy and objectives for the instructional plan.
  6. Study, evaluate, and, as appropriate, recommend to the Superintendent the adoption of new instructional materials, methods and programs.
  7. Provide leadership in the development of the pK-12 instructional program and achievement of New Jersey Student Learning Standards and district goals and objectives.
  8. Develop the District's professional development education program for the instructional staff and recommend teacher attendance at conferences and participation in other professional growth activities.
  9. Participate in regional and county curriculum organizations and groups.
  10. Recommend to the Superintendent the addition of new courses, grade placement and credit allowance, and graduation requirements.
  11. Produce curriculum bulletins, guides, or directories to be distributed to the staff as required.
  12. Provide leadership and guidance in the process of curriculum planning, coordination, and evaluation.
  13. Plan and administer an effective system for recruitment, selection, evaluation, and staff development for professional personnel.
  14. Prepare drafts of needed Board policies and administrative rules for the Superintendent's review.
  15. Maintain a curriculum reference library for the use of the staff and collaborate with principals and teachers to develop a common file of community resources to enhance the instructional program.
  16. Maintain liaison with professional, civic, volunteer, and other community agencies and groups having an interest in the schools.
  17. Secure and make available to the staff samples of various instructional materials, textbooks, and curriculum guides.
  18. Coordinate the selection of textbooks and instructional materials throughout the district through the use of faculty committees, and recommend those selected to the Superintendent for adoption by the Board of Education.
  19. Keep abreast and interpret to the staff the current research in the area of curriculum development, teaching, and learning.
  20. Cooperate with the special education department in planning the instructional program for the special education classes.
  21. Meet on a regular basis with all team leaders and department chairs, principals and supervisors for the purpose of maintaining ongoing supervision of the coordination and implementation of the district curriculum and programs.
  22. Conduct classroom observations and walkthroughs, and provide supervision/evaluation of teachers and non-certified staff.
  23. Conduct evaluations of administrative and supervisory staff as requested by the Superintendent.
  24. Serve as the District Test Coordinator to review, revise, and upload SR-PNP files, and coordinate the district-wide testing program.
  25. Review and evaluate the results of district-wide testing programs (local and state) to share and report on student/school/district performance to all stakeholders.
  26. Prepare and present annual reports on student achievement to the Board of Education.
  27. Attend Board meetings and prepare such reports for the Board as the Superintendent directs.
  28. Research and prepare all grant applications, QSAC, NJ SMART, and other state reports.
  29. Oversee and coordinate any/all aspects of OnCourse including, but not limited to: login access, demonstrations to staff, updating of forms, and communication with OnCourse representatives, etc.
  30. Oversee the District’s online testing and administrative applications, including, but not limited to: NJ Homeroom, NWEA MAP, Pearson Access Next, IXL, TalentEd, etc.
  31. Communicate with the parents/guardians and staff via telephone or e-mail messages.
  32. Attend school functions and write/submit press releases to the local media to highlight district events.
  33. Responsible for the implementation and compliance with all ESEA (Title I) budgeting and mandates with regard to regular education students. This includes: recruitment, assignment, supervision, and evaluation of all certified and non-certified Basic Skills and Extended Day Program staff.
  34. Oversee the Interdistrict Public School Choice Program, including the application process, lottery, notification, reporting, etc.
  35. Serve as the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program Director.
  36. Coordinate and ensure compliance with all staff certification, mentoring, and new staff induction programs.
  37. Assume responsibility for the application, planning, and implementation of all special projects within the district.
  38. Serve as district coordinator for technology development in the district.
  39. Serve as the coordinator of the Gifted and Talented Program for the district.
  40. Evaluate assigned personnel in accordance with law, code and Board policy.
  41. Serve as the program director for the School Age Child Care (SACC) Program.
  42. Perform all other responsibilities and duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  12 months.  Salary to be determined by Board.


EVALUATION:  In accordance with Board policy.